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What is Yoga?

Five out of ten people I talk to have never tried yoga, yet many of them have some belief about what yoga is.


Some believe it's a religion, others that it's only for flexible people,  but all seem to believe it is "good for you".


Yoga ideally is a system of breath work poses, and meditation that create a union between our conscious and cosmic selves. This is done so that one can achieve their highest sense of being, or as we could say "not be scattered". It is truly a yoking of the body and mind.

Yoga is made up of not just asanas (poses) but also includes meditation, diet and breath work. 

Yoga has increased in popularity because the general public but also mental health and medical  practitioners are seeking mental energy, peace of mind and self realization for their clients and themselves. Also, Western society has moved more to the achievement of right brain skills and away from left brain logic and aggression.  

Simply put, yoga is like my one-a-day pill that has made me mentally sharper, emotionally kinder, and physically healthier.

Try it, you have nothing to lose, and I promise, you'll find yourself!

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