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              A Trilogy Birthright

        Your gateway to Africa by Benin, Togo Ghana

October 11-21,2023

You cannot leave me, Africa said. Some of my 54 countries are always with you. I am inside your head, in your soul, part of your DNA. My rivers run like blood through your veins, my drums beat like your heart, and my animals cry for your freedom. My coastline is calling you back home.

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 The All-inclusive way to see Africa

Continent-3 countries-11 days

Are you at the crossroads ready to discover your next exciting travel experience that will ignite you back to your root source....your ancestry?

Pack your walking shoes, a gorgeous outfit for a white party, and enough comfortable clothes for an 11-day All-inclusive immersion in history, heritage, culture, cuisine, fashion, and safari. 

Begin in Benin exploring your ancestral roots and religion with respected elders and professional guides. Move through Togo to witness the fascinating gifts and fetish markets as you make your way to the wonders of Ghana's festivals, heritage, culture, fashion and cuisine. Wrap up your experience in Ghana witnessing the splendor of the country's animals in a safari.


                                 Beginning the experience

 The tour begins in Benin with an ancestral healing ceremony on the first night, led by the Secretary General and spoke man of the federation of association of culte Endogènes of Benin .  He is also the Chief Supreme baba oro and one of the elders in the city of Oeume.

Benin is known for its Dahomey Empire, from where Africans were stolen during the slave trade. It is also known  for the temples dedicated to the religious and ancestral relics believed to give vitality and protection to the people, land and animals. Some of these storeis you may have seen depicted in recent Hollywood efforts. 

The Royal Palaces of Abomey one of the sites we will visit were not only the decision-making centers of the kingdom, but the place where ancestral crafts were made and treasures stored. These have become the Historical Museums of Abomey and take us to a place in time that matters.

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Step into your heritage and healing

Standing on the ancestral ground of Benin feel the grounding sands beneath your feet and hear the wild but soothing coastline in the near distance. Witness the rays of the African morning sun against your skin and know that you are finally back home.

Your long journey, sleepless night and aching joints release as your path for the next 11days of wonder is ahead of you. Exhale and release as your birthright becomes your path to relax, release, and rejoice.

This is the trip you have been waiting for...and it is worth the wait.

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        On-route to Ghana

After a traditional West African breakfast, we will depart for Accra, Ghana via Togo with  a professional  driver and tour guide. 

This part of the journey will be incomplete without a visit to the famous Fetish Market, known for its divinity crafts and gifts.

Collect some soon to be beloved pieces that will remind you about this experience and that might become family jewels.

Akwaabaa..Welcome to Ghana

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Mason Rouge, Benin | Africa Regent Hotel and Zaina Lodge, Ghana

Zaina Lodge
Safari Accommodation- Ghana