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Reiki is a method of yoking energy in the quantum field with the body's own energy emissions and life force.


Reiki uses touch to activate the chakras and prana to restore balance and promote healing on physical, mental and emotional levels.


Chakras are astral nerve centers that lie in specific areas of the body and which correspond with the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, and ether). They are the vortices of pranic energy and each is associated with special powers whose energy can be awakened by meditation and each has a corresponding mantra


Prana means Vital energy; life-breath; life-force.


Prana is the power within breath and the vital force in every being. It is a vital substance that is in cosmic energy and pervades everything. Prana is the life force within us and it operates in the working of our respiration, circulation, digestion, and all body processes. It is an ocean of energy within us. 


In the human body the prana is divided into five forms:

1) Prana: The prana that moves upward

 2) Apana: The prana that moves downward, producing the excretory functions in general.

 3) Vyana: The prana that holds prana and apana together and produces circulation in the body.

 4) Samana: The prana that carries the grosser material of food to the apana and brings the subtler material to each limb; the general force of digestion.

5) Udana: The prana which brings up or carries down what has been drunk or eaten; the general force of assimilation. 


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