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    Prana n Soul ​

    Michelle Cromwell, PhD., ERYT
    Holistic Leadership Coach
    Yogi, Reiki Master Teacher, Integrative Wellness Practitioner



    Intentionally use complementary modalities/therapies (yoga, nutrition, reiki, hypnotherapy, herbs, and retreats to support Black female presenting persons, other women of color, and their allies to stress less, eat good, and to live more liberated lives.


    My goal is to be a vehicle that enables you to include a radical self-care routine in your daily lives by adding movement, meditation, mantras, mudras. Yoga, a plant-based lifestyle, energy work, and intentional time to pull pack and go within may help you to become healthier, boost your energy and strength, and will support you in feeling liberated. 



    I include with the mixture of  complementary modalities, planetary health charts, and some anti-oppression dialogue to help you face the stress, trauma and life challenges that come at you daily. I encourage you to work on the whole you. My hope is for you to take our teaching/learning beyond the yoga mat, reiki table, consultation desk, or retreat venue and for you to use your new skills to enhance your daily life.   


    As a young child growing up in Trinidad & Tobago, my mother and father taught me to find my authentic sense of self and to be unapologetically me. Both of my parents helped me develop a love for life, for people, and a compassionate carefree nature ~they simply taught me to be FREE. I have always felt that my life’s purpose is to help others, especially people that exists in the margins to find this same freedom.  

    I’m also a  music enthusiast and infuse my love for rap, world and classical music into the yoga practice!


    My intention is to provide  a blueprint and roadmap that can support you to create the healthy lives you are striving for that nurtures and supports you.

     My Mission 

    My Vision

    My approach 

    My  background 



    Any person with a known medical condition should always consult their physician before engaging in yoga or any integrative wellness practice. Women who are menstruating (on the first 3 days of the cycle) or are pregnant should avoid breath of fire and other exercises that powerfully engage the naval center like Sat Kriya. Inverted poses where the legs are lifted higher than the naval point should also be avoided. Long deep breathing can be done in the place of breath of fire. Resting in child’s pose or savasana, during poses like stretch pose, is also encouraged.


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